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Is Matt Holliday spiraling?

Is Matt Holliday starting to head downhill? I know this seems absurd to ask about a player who hit .295 with 27 homers and 102 RBI, but let's take a moment to look at the numbers.

2007 27 COL 216 36 137 63 126 .340 .405 .607 1.012
2008 28 COL 173 25 88 74 104 .321 .409 .538 .947
2009 29 TOT 182 24 109 72 101 .313 .394 .515 .909
2010 30 STL 186 28 103 69 93 .312 .390 .532 .922
2011 31 STL 132 22 75 60 93 .296 .388 .525 .912
2012 32 STL 177 27 102 75 132 .295 .379 .497 .877
9 Yrs 1525 229 872 527 924 .313 .387 .536 .923
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This might get your attention

Holliday's numbers are indeed impressive, but did you notice: 

  • That his BA has decreased each year since 2007?
  • What direction is his OBP heading?
  • How about slugging?
  • His OPS was .052 lower than his career number when the season started?
  • Did you see his strikeout total last year compared with other season? 

Comparing 2010 and 2012

Let's look at the numbers

Top = 2010

Bottom = 2012 

First thing to notice is the difference in the strikeouts and K%. This seems to be the result of Holliday swinging more and missing more, particularly on pitches out of the strike zone. 

In 2010, Holliday hit 11 homers and hit .308 off of fastballs. Last season off the fastball, Holliday hit .263 with eight homers and over the last two seasons combined, he's hit 15 homers, the same he hit off the fastball in 2008.

In 2010, Holliday hit .412 (7-17) against the cutter and last season, he went 8-34 (.235) against the cutter.

MATT HOLLIDAY, of the St. Louis Cardinals, in action during the Cardinals game against the Atlanta Braves on April 30, 2011 at Turner Field

2010/2012 vs. Fastball & Cutter

BA: .314/.260

OPS: .907/.807

K%: 13.2%/18.0%

Cardinal fans, I don't think there is any reason to panic, but I certainly would say there is reason to pay attention.




Has Matt Holliday helped Albert Pujols?

Matt Holliday’s offer to defer some of his salary in order to help secure Albert Pujols’ future in St. Louis shouldn’t come as a shock. A player widely considered the best right handed hitter in the history of baseball, Pujols’ presence in that lineup is monumental. And for Holliday, batting behind Albert in the Cardinals otherwise average lineup has been beneficial.

Holliday joined the Cardinals midway through the 2009 season via trade with the Oakland A’s. Since that date, his offensive production has seen a moderate bump.

Matt Holliday
4/1/2008 - 7/23/2009102336.309.397.508.399
7/24/2009 - Present95842.326.399.557.416

Considering he spent his 2008 season in Colorado, the increase in his production after joining the Cards, however slight, is impressive. Yes, the first half of his 2009 season was played in Oakland, a ballpark not friendly to hitters. However, his 2008 and post-trade 2009 numbers are about equal (.417 to .416 wOBA respectively).

While Holliday has benefited from hitting behind Pujols, the latter can’t say the same.
Albert Pujols
4/1/2008 - 7/23/2009105271.347.459.678.482
7/24/2009 - Present98955.318.419.595.438

The drop is even more striking when you consider that Pujols posted a .727 SLG and .494 wOBA in 2009 before the trade, and a .580 SLG and .442 wOBA after it. Perhaps there is no correlation; Pujols’ numbers after the trade are outstanding for any hitter. But it is interesting how they seem to suggest he hasn’t gained any noticeable benefit from having Holliday hit behind him, at least not to this point.