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Lincecum vs. Kemp

In last night's Giants-Dodgers game, Tim Lincecum struck out Matt Kemp in three consecutive plate appearances. Here's the pitch frequency for the 17 pitches Lincecum threw Kemp:

As you can see, Lincecum tried to keep the ball down in the zone. Kemp is only a .219 hitter on low balls since the start of the 2010 season, as opposed to .340 on pitches middle and up.

All three strike outs were swinging, the first on a slider down, and the next two on changeups also down in the zone.

Matt Kemp ISO heat map data from 2010-2012 (Click image to enlarge)All three pitches would more than likely have been called balls for being too low. From Kemp's ISO heat map, we see that he's fairly dangerous on nearly any pitch in the strike zone, and even up out of the strike zone.  However, low pitches give him trouble; Lincecum concentrated his efforts here and was able to successfully neutralize the National League leader in batting average, slugging percentage, OPS+, wRC+, and WAR.


April Fastballs

All data from start of season through April 30th, 2012

All data from start of season through April 30th, 2012Ted Lilly might not have the most explosive fastball (average 2012 velocity: 87.2 mph - bottom 5% of the league), but he's used it quite effectively. He's given up just 2 hits in 26 AB determined by it.  All ten flyballs have been converted into outs, as have two of the four line drives.  In his previous three seasons, Lilly's fastball has had a .248 fly ball average and a .673 line drive average. It's safe to say his current rate is unsustainable.


Best Relief Pitchers with RISP

Min. 50 plate appearances with RISP (Click image to enlarge)

These pitchers have been the best in the majors when the opposing team is primed to score.  While Pittsburgh Pirates fans have seen just how good Jason Grilli has been over the past couple of seasons, the rest of the country may be surpised to see him at the top of this list. Grilli's wOBA has been 130 points lower when dealing with runners in scoring position.  In the 56 plate appearances where he has dealt with runners 180 feet or less from home, Grilli has allowed just three hits.  Only one of those was an extra base hit, a HR to Jimmy Rollins in July of last year.

Other notes: Kenley Jansen of the Dodgers holds the highest strikeout rate (47.5%) with RISP; Michael Wuertz has the highest wOBA at .511.