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Alls not too Wells with Vernon

When the Angels acquired Vernon Wells from the Blue Jays they had two goals: one, to move the then disappointing Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera; and two, to compensate for losing the Adrian Beltre sweepstakes. They certainly had to anticipate they would get some semblance of the player who through 12 seasons had averaged .280 and had an .804 OPS.

They didn't get it.

So far this season, Wells has a .214 batting average and a .640 OPS.

Here is the Wells 2011 slugging picture

Wells is 70-for-327Clearly, Wells is doing practically nothing on the outside of the plate.

On the outside

Wells is hitting .188 on the outer zoneThe power numbers on the outside portion of the plate are even sadder than his batting average. He has just three doubles, one triple, and just one homer coming from that zone.

Wells is not doing well on inside pitches either.

Wells is hitting .187 on the inner zonePower numbers on inside pitches are clearly better with two doubles and seven homers, but still not great.

Wells is really struggling against righties

Against righties, Wells is hitting .179 with a .545 OPSWhat perhaps is most surprising is that this veteran hitter is overwhelmed when he has two strikes on him at any point in the count.

With two strikes

With two skrikes on him, Vernon is hitting .125It is crunch time in this season and while Wells is not going to end up with great numbers, he still has shown the skills in the past to have a hot final seven weeks. If he does, it could still end very well for the Angels in their race for the postseason.


InDepth Spotlight: Dan Haren vs. David DeJesus

In tonight's A's-Angels game, keep an eye on how L.A.'s Dan Haren pitches to Oakland leadoff hitter David DeJesus. Haren has been relying heavily on his cutter this season, throwing it 35.1% of the time, the most of any pitch. The results have been good; opposing batters have hit only .148 against the pitch (4 hits, 27 PA, 68 total pitches).

Meanwhile, DeJesus has not hit cutters well in his career.

David Dejesus vs. Cutters (2008-Present)
(Click to enlarge)
DeJesus has hit only .171 against cutters since 2008, with no extra base hits (6 hits, 38 PA, 165 total pitches). Against righty cutters, he's only hitting .130. Expect Haren to lean heavily on the pitch when DeJesus is in the batter's box tonight.

InDepth Recap: Jered Weaver's 15K Day

Jered Weaver set a career high yesterday by striking out 15 batters in 7 2/3 innings.  Here's where he was putting his pitches versus the Jays:

Jered Weaver vs. Toronto Blue Jays (4/10/11)
(Click to enlarge)

It helped that Jered only had to face 6 left-handed batters all game.  He was able to hit that outside edge against them and yielded one hit, an infield single to Travis Snider.  

Coming into the game, batters made contact on 76.2 percent of Weaver's pitches.  Yesterday, the Blue Jays only made contact on 51.9 percent.  He had them off balance all game, recording 6 strike outs on fastballs, 6 on sliders, 2 on curveballs, and 1 on a changeup. 

Weaver's off-speed pitches were filthy yesteday.  Jays' hitters posted a miniscule 20.0 percent contact rate on the 35 sliders thrown by Jered, compared to the 71.2 percent contact rate batters have produced on his slider since 2008. 

PitchFX data indicates that since 2008, Weaver's slider tends to cross the plate with 16.8 feet per second of downward velocity.  Yesterday, it averaged 17.4 ft/s of downward movement.  He also had a BrkZ average of .9 on his slider entering the game.  Against the Jays yesterday it came in at -.4.  He was simply getting much more movement on the pitch, resulting in a lot of whiffs from opposing batters.