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Miguel Cabrera was Too Much with Two-Out

There were many categories in which Triple Crown leader Miguel Cabrera topped the batting world in 2012, but you may not realize that one of those lists was two-outs hits.

Miggy had 79 two-outs in 2012. That is more than Adrian Beltre's 73 two-out hits, David Wright's 72, Ryan Braun's 68, and Torii Hunter's 67. They were the five best in baseball last year.

Before you ask, Mike Trout had 50 two-out hits, the same as Edwin Encarnacion and Paul Goldschmidt.

Check out Cabrera in 2012 with two-out

That's a lot of red when pitchers want to get out of an inning don't you think?

With two-out in 2012, Cabrera hit .346 with 17 homers and 47 RBI. He had a .411 OBP and he slugged .618 giving him an OPS of 1.029.

Overall, Miguel Cabrera had a brilliant 2012 season, it was even great with two-outs. 


Best, Worst Hitters vs. the Heat in 2012

When it comes to the fastball, velocity is power. Sure, some hurlers manage to torture hitters with lower-octane fastballs that sink or dart, but there's an undeniable link between the radar gun and a batter's ability to drive the ball. Check out the average slugging percentage against fastballs this season, by velocity:

VelocitySlugging Pct.
Under 90 MPH .501
90-92 MPH .467
93-94 MPH .406
95+ MPH .364


Against sub-90 MPH fastballs, hitters slug about the same as Billy Butler. When pitchers ramp it up to 95+ MPH, batters morph into Placido Polanco. Velocity is power.

So, which hitters are hammering the heat this season, and which are getting manhandled? First, here's a look at hitters who are raking against 95+ MPH heat in 2012:

Highest slugging percentage vs. 95+ MPH fastballs, 2012

BatterSlugging Pct.
David Wright 1.077
Pedro Alvarez .929
Josh Willingham .889
Lucas Duda .875
Mark Trumbo .857
Corey Hart .833
Adam LaRoche .793
Alex Rios .760
Michael Bourn .750
Jason Kipnis .750


And here the the hitters getting scorched by 95+ MPH fastballs this season:

Lowest slugging percentage vs. 95+ MPH fastballs, 2012

BatterSlugging Pct.
Cameron Maybin .000
Michael Young .000
Rafael Furcal .000
Gordon Beckham .050
Michael Cuddyer .059
Delmon Young .059
Brendan Ryan .083
Erick Aybar .087
Josh Hamilton .091
Ty Wigginton .091

David Wright vs. Righties (

Mark Simon ( takes a close look at David Wright's issues vs. Righties...

...Wright's ability to hit line drives against right-handed pitchers has gone down by a considerable amount, according to our pitching/hitting evaluation tools. 

From the start of 2009, to the end of July, 2010, Wright averaged a line drive for every four balls with which he makes contact (again, including homers) against right-handed pitching. 

Since then, he's averaging a line drive every six balls times he made contact against righties.  

Click here for the complete story.

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